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Founded in 1988 by Nanci Callahan, the West Side Cultural Center is now celebrating its sixteenth year of production. The West Side Cultural Center’s headquarters are located at 136 West 70th Street in New York’s upper west side. It was founded for the purpose of bringing cultural and educational programs to the community that had not been previously available.

The West Side Cultural Center has become a major producer of “Taste of Broadway,” a semi-annual theatrical production. Every spring and winter “Taste of Broadway” brings together

several stars from current Broadway shows. These stars perform for 2,000 children who are brought in by buses from five different boroughs of New York City.

The West Side Cultural Center is proud to have accomplished these milestones. In fact, “Taste of Broadway” remains to be the most effective program for the Board of Education’s AIDP Program. The program is successful in motivating children to stay in school rather than drop out, and has helped to increase the grade point average of schools in the five boroughs.

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West Side Cultural Center
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